I'm Vaughan, and I am the reason Detox IT was born. After finishing my Degree in 1992(B.InfoTech), I decided to go in to food and ended up owning a café and running a corner store. This was not to be my true calling, much to my wife's displeasure, as an injury shortened my culinary adventure. I then worked in retail, and after waking one day remembering I had a Degree in IT, I got back in to technology. A few years later I ran away from Sydney with my wife and one year old son in search of a better life, instead I moved to Brisbane and had a daughter. In 2004 the call of the Sunshine Coast was heard, I think it was "Help! Real IT support needed, cowboys need not apply."

So armed with my family and a desire to provide the unheard of, real customer support and service we came to the coast. Best thing I have ever done.